Our mission is to inspire and support makers and grow communities of maker businesses in city centres around the world.

We do two things

  • Build and run awesome spaces for professional makers, which combine co-working space with clean and messy workshop space, machines and tools. Really what we’re doing isn’t about the space though, it’s about people. Through our spaces we bring together people with all kinds of creative and technical expertise. Our members work together, play together and inspire each other.
  • Learning programmes for young people to inspire the next generation of creative and practical minds and increase the diversity within the creative industries.  All Makerversity members have the opportunity to play an active part in these programmes and are encouraged to pass on their experiences and expertise to others.

At Makerversity we’re focused on supporting professional ‘makers’ – that means anyone who is in the business of making for a living. You might be a designer, engineer, entrepreneur, technologist, inventor, craftsman, technician or artist. You might be freelance, a start up or design studio. If you’re in need of a physical space to create in with machines and tools, then Makerversity is the place for you.

We’re thinking in terms of a community-wide event collaboration between national, regional and international jugaar initiatives, non-formal learning/after-school programs, educational institutions, individuals, social enterprises, and the private sector. Wouldn’t it be great to have ‘freeplay’ as a theme for this event!

This needn’t be a ginormous event but should have a positive impact on Pakistan’s non-formal learning ecosystem. Some features we’re toying with are listed below:

  1. Exhibition of interactive models, displays and installations created by the jugaar community
  2. Informal learning activities for children and young adults
  3. Live design challenges programmed to engage educational institutions with experts the private sector
  4. Networking Conference for local STEAM education stakeholders with national, regional and international speakers and presenters with an objective to create opportunities for further collaborations.

Following are a few schematics that may explain our preliminary ideas, though these are constantly evolving, fast and with a fair share of ambiguity and uncertainty.

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