While working on the WTF project, metallurgical considerations led us to seek solutions that could solve problems at high temperatures, both low and high pressures and high frequency vibrations. The resolve was to use stainless steel, which led to a steep learning curve to acquire the knowledge and equipment needed to experiment with this material. It mattered what grade of steel we were using for a particular function and its thickness in turn dictated how it was to be welded. The experience gained in metalworking following the testing stage of our second prototype in stainless steel coupled with our curiosity to explore this material further still, triggered a sequence of interesting projects.

Our move to Islamabad presented a great opportunity to explore applications of our newly acquired skills in metalworking. After a few projects related to architectural  metal works, we identified the perfect set of circumstances that allowed experimentation in stainless steel.


Souping up automobile engines and modifying cars for high performance offered a chance to learn more about metalworking hands-on. We started by designing and fabricating intake and exhaust streams for automobiles. For this project, we teamed up with Adil Naeem, a tinkerer of cars since the age of ten. His love of engines, speed and noise resulted in the establishment Hyperforamace Racing (HPR), an automotive vault for car enthusiasts. Racing and high-performance cars run in his blood and he aspires to create a first-rate platform for motor sports in Pakistan.


Better flow of gases means better engine power while bigger engines in small compartments create constraints that need to be tackled creatively. We found this work no different from our architecture  practice – in the end it all boils down to space design! Drawing from our previous experiences and building on that knowledge, we began designing and fabricating headers, intake manifolds and mufflers for naturally aspirated and turbo charged engines. Connecting turbos and intercoolers with tubular fabrications became a thrilling experience after witnessing the results.




With speed we are not overlooking safety,  which means reinforcements in the form of roll cages for the driver’s safety. The most exciting project was building a rock crawler, which is not a high speed machine but requires a great deal of attention towards safety and strength.

To ensure flawless fabrication  we use a metal inert gas (MIG) welder and high pressure seamless pipes to achieve the necessary strength.

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