What We Do

Jugaar Adda is a discursive model, developed from an intellectual lineage that respects hands-on, materials rich, non-formal learning, and is programmed for  6 – 24 year old learners because we believe they have the creative potential and agency to change the world for the better, under the right circumstances, and we want to help them do that.

  • Research & Development

Our explorations with materials and design practices continually lead to the development of flexible and effective building blocks for today’s learners, capable of integrating play and work for personal and collective fabrication. Members of our team try out ideas, build prototypes, test them, work directly with learners and educators and together share many accidental discoveries. Through iterative design cycles, we continuously find new possibilities that inspire us to develop creative tools and implements for learners.

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  • Makerspaces At Educational Institutions

These are creative design spaces, setup within educational institutions where learners are encouraged to experiment with an assortment of high and low-tech materials and fabrication facilities. These makerspaces are transparent, where thinking and cross-pollination of ideas is visible as learners and educators work together – they invent, teach and learn on demand with many memorable ‘aha’ moments. It’s here where interdisciplinary real world problems are tackled, solutions are sought and shared by applying creative design strategies. Most importantly, it’s a space owned by learners and educators alike.

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  • Tools for Learning

We fabricate learning tools that support discovery and exploration through making,  inspiring imagination and creative thinking. These tools are designed for activities at school, after school or at home which result in making otherwise hidden ideas tangible and shareable. The numerous possibilities of learner driven, hands-on activities generated through the use of these tools are spontaneous, exciting, frequently tense with dead ends, sometimes even frustrating but ultimately a creative exercise in inquiry based learning. Learners make, get stuck, inquire, reflect, rework, and in this iterative progression continually learn.

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  • Workshops

These workshops foster personally meaningful inquiry based learning because when learners own the learning process, they also own the knowledge they construct. At these workshops, makers, educators, learners and facilitators work on real-world problems, develop ideas and built prototypes with an assemblage of tools and materials. They are encouraged to connect with everything they know and wonder about to collaboratively prototype a solution using the resources available to them.  The purpose of these workshops is to develop confidence in participants to bring into existence what they imagine, and share these inventions with their peers.

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We embrace the culture of teamwork and seek to empower learners to take self-directed initiatives, think, imagine, make, experiment, play, identify their interests, build projects, to transform their ideas into reality. We are also connected with the international jugaariay community, sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences to deliver creative means to help learners explore science, engineering, design, mathematics, art & craft, music, and technology. The learning tools and activities developed at Jugaar Adda are meant to inspire learners to create by following their instinct, taking action and reflecting over the experience and outcomes, which is why our program is deliberately left open ended.

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