The Team

We’re Amina and Eibne, two curious individuals, parents and architects who continuously wonder how to enrich our engagement with our environment and make this world a better place. Our curiosity has led us into varied directions, which includes experience in architectural design, fabrication and construction, interior design, communication design, art and crafts, creative writing, furniture design and fabrication, sustainable material explorations and amateur experimentation. Together with our two unschooled children, Naiel and Sasha, we’ve created Jugaar Adda, a third-space that facilitates collaborative, community based explorations and discoveries in creative design for problem-solving.

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I love science related research, horse riding, playing the keyboard with Garage Band members, playing football with my team, cycling around Islamabad and keeping things organized to get work done efficiently. Through making, I have learnt that mistakes aren’t that bad after all : ) Previously, I would get bogged down when things didn’t go as planned or when I made mistakes,  but as I’m growing older, I understand that life is ‘hard fun’, what’s important is to not give up and not be scared to try out alternatives.


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Exploring materials, craft practices and technology for problem-solving are aspects that have always excited us.  We’ve been experimenting with our ideas for many years, and although individually, our approach and perspectives are usually poles apart, we always manage come together as a team and have memorable experiences together – learning a little bit more about ourselves, each other, and our world in the process. We’ve always tried to seek solutions to problems that we feel strongly about and in retrospect, we think we’ve spent most of our time together doing just that!

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Our Team

What We Do

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