Jugaar Playbook

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The first rule of jugaar is: Reframe the problem

The second rule of jugaar is: REFRAME THE PROBLEM!

Third rule of jugaar is: Follow your instincts

Fourth rule: Be flexible

Fifth rule: Reuse and recombine

Sixth rule: Do more with less

Seventh rule: Make adjustments

And the eighth and final rule: If you’re new to jugaar, run with it! ; )

While you’re at it……

 Think, Imagine & Draw

  • Use a wide range of idea creation techniques to generate new and radical thoughts
  • Visualize your ideas, jot/sketch them on paper, elaborate, refine, and analyze your schematics to maximize you creative endeavors

Ask Questions, Observe & Prototype 

  • Communicate your ideas to others, be open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives
  • Ask questions that clarify various points of view, observe, watch and learn from your environment
  • Gather inspiration to inspire new thinking – discover what you/people really need
  • Prototype, be inventive, work around constraints and view failure as an opportunity that leads to discovery
  • Understand that creativity and innovation is a cyclical process of small successes and frequent mistakes

Share and Collaborate 

  • Test, share, discuss and review your ideas, push past the obvious to get to breakthrough solutions
  • Share responsibility for collaborative work, and value individual contributions made by each team member
  • Leverage social and cultural differences to develop new ideas and boost both innovation and quality of work
  • Exercise flexibility and willingness to make necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal
  • Reflect critically on past experiences in order to inform future progress

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