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At Jugaar Adda, we envision our role as enablers, functioning at two distinct planes.  At the micro level, we concentrate on capacity building of educators and learners in thinking and designing for innovation through hands-on, material rich, problem-solving activities. At the macro level, our work involves supporting the maker movement nationally, regionally and internationally. We collaborate with organizations, businesses and educational institutions to promote the jugaar spirit, co-develop projects, design spaces and learning implements that aid knowledge-construction. The objective is to enable learners to gain experience in relevant, real world 21st century context and facilitate equitable access to quality learning tools, technologies, and resources for that purpose.

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Objective  1: Develop a makerspace prototype that offers opportunity to educators and learners to unleash their natural curiosity and imagination, mess around with materials, make things with their hands, and get excited about new ideas. 

Goal 1.1: Space Design – Plan and execute a flexible and adaptive design and function for the makerspace such that it is replicable and scalable.

Goal 1.2: Program Design – Develop creative methodologies and approaches for children and young adults to interact with materials, tools and technologies.

Goal 1.3: Facilitation – Develop strategies that augment the interaction between Jugaar Adda and the ‘jugaar community’.

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Objective 2: Learn from and work collaboratively with individuals and organizations representing diverse expertise, viewpoints, and cultures in a spirit of mutual progress to ensure ongoing innovation in non-formal learning and education.

Goal 2.1: International Jugaariay – Build a national, regional and international network of partnerships to encourage collaborations that ensue meaningful relationships, joint projects, shared knowledge and experience.

Our philosophy is learning by doing and at Jugaar Adda, we eat, sleep and live it – quite literally! Our work is influenced by the Piagetian idea that learning happens by actively building our understanding of the world through our experiences and reflecting over the outcomes to construct knowledge. Moreover, Seymour Papert’s insight that we learn particularly well when we engage in constructing personally meaningful and shareable objects in the real world, is fundamental to our approach.

Learning takes place throughout life in many places and spaces and today’s life and work environments require far more than just thinking skills and content knowledge. Learners need a broad range of experiences to develop skills, dispositions, and abilities to navigate through this globally connected, information age in which change is constant and learning is a life-long process. The character traits we view as fundamental to develop in children and young adults are those of open minded critical thinkers who are self-directed learners, risk takers, and strong communicators. Ultimately, the hope is to produce life-long learners who recognize the value of interdependence and assume responsibility for and take control of the direction of their future through attention, action, and reflection.

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We hypothesize that these traits define the spirit of ‘betweeners’ – the ability to create new ways of viewing and engaging with the world, not set in any specific system, but constantly moving around through freeplay.

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