Creative Disruption in Non-formal Education

In order to gear children and young adults for the possibilities and challenges of life in the 21st century, it becomes relevant to discern our postcolonial environment. The current global dialogue on postcolonial education addresses cultural imperialism by recognizing and disrupting its legacy while replacing it with a framework of education that enables critical thinking and global awareness. Although colonial education unsettled indigenous formal and non-formal educational systems prevalent in former colonies around the world for centuries, realistically, indigenous education systems in themselves, cannot be valued as sufficient mechanisms to bring about transformative change in present times. Additionally, the relationship between postcolonialism and globalization points toward dynamic implications for education and new ways of acquiring it. If colonial schooling was dismissive of indigenous culture, language, knowledge, and traditions, designed to undermine agency by dislocating its subject’s sense of self, then, postcolonial schooling doesn’t necessarily imply restoration of indigenous forms of education, it does, however, require forms of disruption and dislocation among educators and learners!

The liminal space time in which we exist can deliver creative means to transform our educational framework into one that fosters knowledge construction, with the flexibility to adjust itself around our post-postcolonial, emerging identities as the ‘betweeners’. Developing ‘betweenness narratives’ may help view knowledge as something that does things, or makes things happen. Perhaps, it may even help develop a new mindset among educators and learners – one that can take account of the evolving meaning of knowledge and the new context and purposes for acquiring it.

Which is why, Jugaar Adda is conceived as a ‘knowledge-construction site’, a third space for relationship-building between different groups/ individuals in ways that allow partners to acknowledge and embrace their differences as just that – differences – not as strengths and deficiencies nor in relation to assumptions about the traditional and the modern.

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As facilitator, the intent of Jugaar Adda, is to provide necessary support learners may need to construct knowledge and develop skills necessary to interact positively with their environment. To do this well, our crucial responsibility is to create opportunities for learners to directly engage with their environment, tackle real-world problems using creative methodologies, collaboratively experiment with ideas, reflect over the outcomes, learn from their mistakes and confidently develop as life-long learners. With the technological and creative revolution underway, learning by doing and working together offers the perfect medium for propagating knowledge and skills to children and young adults.

Keeping an emphasis on partnerships, dialogue, and participation from the start, Jugaar Adda is programmed such that it:

  • Aims not to affirm any holistic view, but enable a chance for freeplay, to evolve as a discursive model that earnestly explores, builds upon and develops a non-formal learning framework that has the capacity to accommodate new centers for thought.
  • Engages the community in transparent, collaborative projects that produce betweenness narrative facilitation for our hybridized post-postcolonial culture.
  • Creates occasion for educators and learners to participate in the evolution of the way problems are framed and tackled in real-world 21st century context.
  • Demonstrates knowledge construction through teamwork, systems thinking, environment-centered concerns, visualization, prototyping and iterative progression.
  • Highlights the ‘process’ of making, with all its defining characteristics of ambiguity, messiness, disorder and mistakes clearly visible, not so it can be assimilated, but to allow it to just ‘be’, to express itself.

We’re in search for the defining spirit of ‘betweeners’, not set in any specific system, but continuously seeking through freeplay.

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