The Jugaar Mindset

As we grow up, we tend to start believing that the world runs on a system; ordered by the wise, tried and tested, a perfect one-size-fits-all resolution for our social world, and our role in this world is to securely plug ourselves within this system – start school, graduate from college, get a job, have a nice family, maintain a savings account and of course, pursue happiness while doing all that.

Neo A


But what if we begin to find this system limiting, what if we start questioning this social order – testing its boundaries, tweaking things around here and there and making modifications within it – after all, this ideological construct was created by people such as ourselves? In doing so, will we influence the system in any way, create a change within it, or maybe even disrupt it altogether?

Neo B final


Jugaar Adda is our experiment to find out just that! It’s about time we collectively make a move toward becoming active creators of our reality rather than remain passive consumers of an imagined reality. 

We envision Jugaar Adda as a discursive model that aims to connect community members and provoke critical thinking through hands-on, material rich explorations, craft practices, experimentation with technology and art to address our collective environmental and social concerns. We’re attempting to create a community space for the free-spirited to come together, unleash their natural curiosity and imagination, mess around with materials, make things with their hands, share ideas and together tackle real-world problems in meaningful ways.

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