Hum Hain Jugaari!

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As we grow up, we tend to start believing that the world runs on a system; ordered by the wise, tried and tested, a perfect one-size-fits-all resolution for our social world, and our role, in this world, is to securely plug ourselves within this system – start school, graduate from college, get a job, have a nice family, maintain a savings account and of course, pursue happiness while doing all that.

But, what if we begin to find this social order a bit limiting, what if we start questioning the system – testing its boundaries, tweaking things around here and there and making a few modifications within it – after all, the system was created by people such as ourselves? In doing so, will we influence the system in any way, create an impact within it, or maybe even disrupt it altogether?

Jugaar Adda is an experiment to find out just that!

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